Ana Priscila Hoerner


To satisfy the Physical Sciences requirement, I took GEO 1010, Introduction to Geology in the Spring 2017 semester.

I chose this class, because my knowledge about Earth science was severely lacking. I have been traveling around the western United States, from Washington to Missouri, and I wanted badly to understand the scenery. Not insignificantly, I homeschool my elementary aged children. So it really is important to me that I learn about Earth science.

Not only do I feel better educated regarding geology, but I found that my love of Earth and the scenery has only deepened with this greater understanding. My professor, Matt Affolter, is a real gem. He loves his craft, and it is contagious. I came to Salt Lake Community College to major in Mathematics, but after only a few weeks of this class I found myself researching what geologists do, and I arrived at the conclusion that after my Mathematics AS degree I want to pursue a BS in Geologic Engineering. At this point, only 1 semester into my college education, this is the direction I'm leaning.

In this class I had to complete a research paper. I chose to research Zion National Park and the surrounding area. I loved doing it, but I didn't love writing the report. I got through it, and I think I'm better for it. It really challenged me, especially because I don't consider myself a strong writer. I tried my best, however. I did love taking a road trip down to Zion, and I was very excited to notice the various features I was looking for.

Signature Assignment

Zion National Park: Geological Description