Ana Priscila Hoerner


To satisfy the Lifelong Wellness requirement, I took ice skating in the Spring 2017 semester.

I chose ice skating primarily because the off-site location (CHRC) is less than 5 minutes from my home, and I know that childcare is available at the Cottonwood Heights Rec Center. Secondarily, I chose to take ice skating, because if I have to pick a fitness class, ice skating sounded like a good time.

The course consists of going to class to practice ice skating. At the beginning of the course we were asked to fill out a self-evaluation wellness assessment. At the end of the term I wrote I response to the wellness assessment, and it happens that I learned a few things about myself, including that managing expectations is an important life skill.

I really appreciated the instructor, Kathy. She was a gentle teacher, and obviously very skilled in ice skating. She was a pleasure to see every week.

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Wellness Assessment: Reflection
Wellness Assessment