Ana Priscila Hoerner


To satisfy the Quantitative Literacy requirement, I took Math 1210, Calculus 1, with Dr. Christopher Mitchell in the Summer 2017 term.

In my calculus class I have learned about limits, derivatives as limits, shortcuts for finding derivatives, applications of derivatives, antiderivatives as limits, how to use antiderivatives to find areas between curves and the x-axis, and some applications of antiderivatives. On the first day of class, Dr. Mitchell told us that Calculus is rocket science. I liked that. I plan to go into a Geological Engineering. I am not too far into my major, so I cannot be specific about how I think this will apply, but at the very least I think this and other math and science courses in general help me to develop my critical thinking, problem solving, and logic skills. It’s about mental agility, I suppose, and all the many problems I have had to work out for this and past mathematics courses have all helped me grow in these areas by leaps and bounds. I expect without a doubt I will need to have those skills developed as a future expert in the field of Geological Engineering.

Signature Assignment

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