Ana Priscila Hoerner


I took the Accuplacer in December of 2016, and I placed into Math 1010. I consider it a privilege that I got to be in this section with Professor Lyudmila "Mila" Shloydo in the Spring term of 2017. She is brilliant, and she expanded my understanding with her explanations of algebraic concepts. I especially liked how she explained imaginary numbers; when she led from completing the square into the quadratic formula; and conic sections (circles) at the end of the term. These are times when she moved away from the book, and she was explaining just from her own knowledge. I love math even more after being her student this semester.

Mila tutored me ahead of the class about logarithms and other concepts that I would need in order to get a high enough score of the Accuplacer so that I could skip ahead to Calculus 1. Well, fam, I did it! Immediately after her class I was able to take Calculus 1, and don't mind if I tell you that I took an A in that class as well. Thank you, Mila, for your much appreciated tutelage.

Signature Assignments

Optimizing an Advertising Campaign
Height of Zero Gravity Parabolic Flight